Landlord and Tenant Disputes Questions & Advice

The Residential Landlord Tenant Act protects the rights of the tenant from unreasonable actions or demands from the landlord.  For example, one such protection involves ensuring that the place of residence is up to housing code, while another protection involves prevention of unethical discrimination in renting practice. This is useful as sometimes disputes between landlord and tenant arise over things such as untimely rent payment, differing understanding of lease agreements, and/or property damage.  With so many factors to consider and the uniqueness of situation in different landlord-tenant agreements, many questions, from specific to general, may arise. Here are many of the commonly asked questions and resourceful answers among these various areas Landlord and Tenant Disputes.

All Landlord and Tenant Disputes Questions & Advice

How can I resolve a complicated dispute with my landlord? What is a landlord-tenant dispute resolution and litigation option?

Here’s the problem: My landlord and I disagree about who needs to take care of cockroaches. I say that pest control is his responsibility. He says ...

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Water Has Been Shut Off Due To Landlord Not Paying The Bills. What Recourse Does the Tenant Have?

Question:  My landlord has just gone through bankruptcy and all of a sudden our water was shut off. I contacted the company and they said I’d have ...

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My landlord has locked me out for late rent without giving me any written notice. Is this legal?

 Question: My landlord has locked me out for late rent without giving me any written notice. Is this legal?

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Can I be evicted by my landlord from a rental home in Arizona for noise complaints?

Question:   My two roommates and I have been renting a house here in Arizona for over two years. We know...

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If my landlord refuses to make critical home repairs, am I able to contest or discount my rental payment?

Question:I have a tenant who has not paid all of his back rent. He says he shouldn’t have to since there was...

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Is arbitration available when my tenant disputes my eviction notice? How does arbitration work?

Question: I am the primary renter with three sublet agreements for each of the 3 rooms of a home in Texas that...

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In California, is it legal for a landlord to charge a tenant for liability insurance in addition to rent?

Question:  I live in California and as I just agreed to rent a residential single family home, my landlord suddenly is...

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