How to Itemize Security Deposit Deductions

State security deposit rules vary as to how and when landlords must return deposits. Many states require landlord to send tenants a written itemized statement as to how the deposit has been used (for example to cover unpaid rent or damage to the rental). Here's an example of how a landlord can itemize deductions for repairs and cleaning.

Security Deposit Itemization

(Deductions for Repairs and Cleaning)

Date: Oct. 8, 2011 From: Rachel Tolan, 123 Larchmont Lane, St. Louis, MO 63122 To: Lena Coleman, 456 Penny Lane, #101, St. Louis, MO 63122 Property Address: 789 Cora St., St. Louis, MO Rental Period: Jan. 1, 2010 to Sept. 31, 2011

1. Security Deposit Received: $1,000

2. Interest on Deposit (if required by lease or law): $N/A

3. TOTAL CREDIT (sum of lines 1 and 2): $1,000

4. Itemized Repairs and Related Losses:

Repainting of living room walls required by crayon and chalk marks.

Total Repair Cost: $300

5. Necessary Cleaning:

Sum paid to resident manager for five hours cleaning at $20/hour; debris-filled garage, dirty stove and refrigerator.

Total Cleaning Cost: $100

6. Total Cleaning & Repair (sum of lines 4 and 5) $400

7. Amount Owed (line 3 minus the sum of line 6)

[ ] a. Total Amount Tenant Owes Landlord: $____________________

[ X] b. Total Amount Landlord Owes Tenant: $600

Comments: A check for $600 is enclosed.

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