Residential Lease Forms

Residential lease agreements typically spell out not only the important terms of a rental, but also the length of the rental agreement. This differs from rental agreements which are generally month-to-month contracts and allow either party the right to terminate the agreement at any given time (provided some notice, typically a month). Click here for month-to-month rental agreement forms.

In order to have a healthy landlord and tenant relationship, the lease contract should clearly spell out the important terms and conditions of this relationship to avoid disputes during the tenancy.

At Nolo, we pride ourselves in giving people the power to handle their own legal issues without the need or expense of an attorney. As a result, our team of lawyer-editors have put together thoughtfully written residential lease forms that landlords and tenants can use to ensure all the important terms have been considered and important processes (like the return of the security deposit and maintenance issues) spelled out for both parties. This is the same team of lawyers that have written hundreds of do-it-yourself legal books, so you can count on the legal research and expertise behind each lease agreement form.

Below you will find downloadable forms that you can trust are legally binding and will help prevent many potentially costly disputes that often occur during or after a residential tenancy. We have standard forms that can be used in any state, as well as a few state specific lease forms that incorporate certain important state residential tenancy laws.

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